Portable & Easy to use Public Address Systems

A public address system is a communication system for public areas that amplifies voice or recorded message. The biggest advantage of a public address system is the ability to get Emergency alarm, routine voice message, background music or information out to a large number of people, all at the same time. They are usually used in large events, concerts and at railway stations and airports. Public address systems are also used shopping malls, corporate office, SMB Business, Industries. Such systems are very useful for the industrial & extreme sites condition. A public address system refers to a system of amplifiers, loudspeakers, zone paging system, digital and network PA system units that are used to amplify music in an outside gathering.

The Public addressed area can be grouped into single or multiple zones for the entire facility, which can be accessed independently either for announcements or for alarm broadcasting.

There are mainly three types of systems:

Explosive PA system: – These systems are used where the environment is very hazardous as they protect the human lives. It is one of the best & quickest ways to acknowledge the humans. Explosive PA system can work under extreme conditions. One can buy either single direction or bi-directional way audio transmission.

Networkable & Digital PA system: – This system is specially designed as centralized controlled Public Addressing solution. It is fully scalable operating system for customers. One can control the system from centralized function like multi location Paging Flexibility, Audio Distribution in single zone & multizone, Differential BGM Audio/ emergency announcement facilities & many more functions and unattainable integration with other systems.

Standard PA system: – Standard PA systems are the ones that give the simply standard back ground music system with the single location announcement facilities with limited function. It is applied ideally for small offices, shops and showrooms.