Create a Safer Environment with Surveillance Systems

Cyber Group is a leading company providing a wide range of solutions for a broad spectrum of surveillance systems for different application. Whether you require a few cameras or thousands, we can offer all. We are known for providing standard, Intelligent Analytical video surveillance, and Industrial/Explosion proof video surveillance system from Standard to High Definition Picture Quality as according to the client’s requirements.

Our company is known for providing world class reliable, high-definition video and big data storage solutions for effective surveillance. As we have a proven record of delivering high quality solutions at affordable rates. We help the clients get access to the live and recorded video that can be shared with the target groups also.

As with latest technology Surveillance not limited to one place Monitoring it can get access to live and recorded video with authorized target Persons at locally, remotely and on Mobile Handset.

What are the benefits of video surveillance system?

  • Increase the security of employees and assets
  • Prevent loss and theft
  • Investigate accidents and identify suspects
  • Remote monitoring of operations
  • Anytime, anywhere access from any authorized system

In today ‘s highly competitive market, people need more than just a standard video solution. We offer smart video surveillance systems offering video analytical function and features.

Our video surveillance system is a comprehensive solution with analytical protection such as Face detection, people counting, number plate capturing, missing & foreign object detection, Loitering & Crowd Detection so System Get the real time pre alert & action to enhance public safety. Commercial sector with analytical protection function for People Counting, Face Capturing and audio detection to enhance security of employees and assets. With Advanced features protection platform for medium and large-sized organizations. Video analytical & alarm based video surveillance are smart solutions that help to get early alert, analysis reports, administrative system, single platform compatibility to integrate with fire, safety and POS system.

Industrial and environmental video surveillance systems are widely used for explosive protection, product ruggedness, Human safety & thermal technology. We help the clients protect their investment of acquire valuable assets and human resources

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