Explosive Fire System SolutionExplosive Fire System Solution

Many difficult sites such as metal, paint, pipelines, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil refineries and other installations are vulnerable to the risk of explosion. In order to protect the assets and people, they need special solutions for fast and reliable fire detection. Cyber Group offer high quality explosive fire system devices and full line of explosive fire systems to global market. Our expert engineers and application specialist help you mitigate the risk of explosions after understand the complexities and limitations. You can have complete peace of mind as we would take care of all the aspects such as explosion testing, explosion venting, and suppression and isolation systems.

Intelligent / Addressable Fire System Solution
Fire detection and alarm systems require a large number of field devices. We offer intelligent and addressable fire system solutions to give high level of protection. Intelligent fire system solutions include detectors and devices that help to detect fire at an early stage. It identifies the right location of fire so that the system automatically guides to the nearest emergency exit points. Intelligent systems help to control false alarm and prevent hazards and they can also cause pre alarm conditions to be triggered by the alarm panel before the situation becomes serious. The clients can be assured that they will get complete protection strategies when they choose us for intelligent / addressable fire systems solution.

Conventional Fire System Solution
Fire detection and alarm systems require a less number of field devices. Conventional fire alarm panels are useful for managing fire alarm systems in small and medium sized set ups like schools, colleges, shops, restaurants, etc. A building is divided into zones and devices are wired up accordingly in a conventional fire system. Standalone fire systems are used in places like ATMs where cabling is not feasible.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus System) Fire System
Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus System solution for challenging applications were very early detection is crucial. A VESDA detector is much like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks air from the protected environment via purpose built aspirating pipe and fittings and samples the quality of air passing through the VESDA detection laser chamber.