Fire Hydrant System: –
Water based suppression system for high end & medium pressure jack. A fire hydrant system is a water supply with a sufficient pressure and flow delivered through pipes throughout a building to strategically located network of valves for  fire-fighting purposes.

WATER Mist System: –
Low pressure fine mist / spray system. Mist Cooling works by forcing water through our specially designed misting nozzles; this creates a mist (fog) of ultra fine water droplets. These tiny water droplets (fog) quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate, becoming water vapour (gas). The energy (heat) used to change the water to a gas is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled

Fire Extinguisher : – For Electrical, water, petroleum fire hazards, compliance with all fire regulation & suppression types.

Fire Sprinkler: – Overhead sprinkler distribution systems. The whole philosophy of sprinklers is based upon the premise of applying the right amount of water (as little as possible) in the right place (the seat of the fire) at the right time (as quickly as possible).

Gas Suppression system: –
This system is swift fire Suppression, special hazard protection design, easy clean agent system, lesser storage space for suppression System, it is applied an Highly applied an enclosed room or isolated location.


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