Year 2017 UltraTech Cement Ltd

Supplied, Installed & Maintenance of Intelligent Fire alarm system. System included with LHS, FAP, Detectors, Ancillary devices, Third party system integration module, Graphics monitor solution, Detectors, LHS, FAP and many more.....

Project background & Requirement Of Awarpur, Sewagram, Panipat, Rajula 

ULTRATECH Cement plant is modern with latest technology; Ultratech has a stronger base in the fast growing States like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana & many other markets, increasing availability and service levels in the various states. A captive power plant of 57 MW & Above, a jetty for clinker and coal movement, a desalination plant and a cement bag manufacturing unit are some of the other highlights of the facilities at Sewagram. UltraTech now ranks no. 5 in the global list of players, excluding China. It is the largest producer of grey cement, white cement and ready mix concrete in India. By FY 16, with the commissioning of the new projects on the anvil, the capacity will move up to 70 million tons.

UltraTech Cement has marked occupational safety as its core value and the responsibility towards Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is driven by the desire to protect the people we work with and society at large. This unit is built in around more than 3 ~ 4km Radius area. Earlier in plant there were conventional fire alarm system installed but after acquisition & as per Ultratech safety rules requirement for addressable fire alarm systems need to replace on existing location as well as newly built plants and other location, Apart from this system, They also had requirement of Central Control and get alert at BMS control room, Security/Main building at their facility. After understand from Ultratech Team, We Cyber Info team, designed and selected right products to fulfill their needs.

Proposed Solution

Recent project of Sewagram(Vayor); As above mentioned Customer’s requirement of addressable fire alarm, However we had proposed advanced fire alarm system which has intelligent functions and International safety certified products. We Supplied, Installed Fire alarm system including Intelligent Fire alarm panel at different plants along with multi sensor, beam detectors, manual call points, and dual tone sounder strobes. This system works over fibre & copper cable network and at BMS control room installed with Fire monitoring software and has integrated with their Central plant control system. As part of project it was required around 16 ~ 17KM Cable laying in underground, over ground and Industrial plants despite that we had successfully commissioned the whole project in time line with central control facility by Plant operators.


Under the strict safety standard define by UTCL, Our team did excellent work as according to customer’s pre-defined needs apart from that fulfilled their each minute needs. We had successfully handover system to the UTCL BMS Control room team. Now they will get alert or acknowledgement at on Big Screen Monitor display apart from that they can modifies the program and controls the fire panel from the BMS Control room.