Year 2015 Viacom18 by Reliance Industries

A Turnkey Integrated fire, access, security and safety system comprehensive solution for VIACOM 18 Studio...

Project background & Requirement

Viacom18® Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s fastest growing entertainment companies and a house of iconic brands that offers multi-platform, multi-generational and multicultural brand experiences. A joint venture of TV18 and Viacom, Viacom18 defines entertainment in India by touching the lives of people through its properties on air, online, on ground, in shop and through cinema. After Joint venture opened the new studio across the India by the name of Viacom18® so it has generated the new requirement for Pre & Post Fire Safety, Human & System security, Data security, Employee safety. One of their site in Kolkata, where they required a comprehensive solution likewise Fire Detection & Fighting, Centralized control Access Control & Time Attendance, Dual IP supported Smart IVA IP CCTV, P.A system, Data & Server room protection for Water leakage, Rodent repellent, gas release system, and Video LED.

Proposed Solution

  1. Smart IVA HD IP Camera, Professional NVR with Dual IP LAN Port and Triad multi monitor Display output.
  2. Fire Alarm System along with Fire fighting system.
  3. Advanced Public address system.
  4. Time Attendance and access control solution with Centralised data storage & control.
  5. Server room solution included with Water leakage system, Video wall/LED, Rodent repellent.
  6. Voice & Data Solution

Based on above mentioned requirement of Viacom18®, We Cyber info, understand risk level of safety & security significance designed the solution as well as Installed and commission the AVTRON brand smart IVA supported 2.0MP HD IP Dome/Bullet camera at various locations, as per strict requirement of not to use their existing IP  address range, still have to use the same network which already laid in premise so we provided the dual LAN Port based embedded storage NVR, it is having 2 HDMI, 1 VGA out, 8 storage drives which supports more than 30days storage. As per IS & LPCB fire safety standard proposed the fire alarm detection system which is included with smoke/heat detector, MCP, Sounder, repeater notification system. Firefighting system incorporated with owner supplied system as well as strategic location given fire extinguisher. Public address system is covered across the office in which 6watt ceiling and wall mount speaker, Mixer Power Amplifier with microphone and audio player. Viacom18® having national presence companies so they needed flexibility in attendance and access control for their any employee travel any office can give attendance or accessibility as per rights. Attendance/Access control access validation rights should be controllable through Head quarter office. As we had proposed and install HID secure protocol reader, EM cards, Door access locks, Door controller, local office attendance, access control software, exit switch, etc. Key requirement of this site is that they want server room protection by the all the way because this high secured data, server room loaded with High-end XEON Server Computer to give best protection they want solution for if any time water comes in room it should be detected, They need protection against the RAT damages, and lastly in any case fire happen this should protect High valued servers and data so for this protection installed FM200 GAS cylinders but this costly GAS so this should double cross the fire event than after release the GAS, so we overall proposed products for server room solution is Water leakage detection devices, cable, Control Panel. Apart from those Rodent replant devices above and below false ceiling, control panel. Lastly Cross zoning GAS Control fire alarm panel as well cross zoning smoke detectors, MCP, Manual Release button, Sounder, etc.


We did successfully implement all systems as per our customer requirements and International safety standards. The key USP of this project is that all system works from the single platform and integrated with each other so any time event generates system give automatically alert to other system as well as authority of properties. Any time authority can control & playback the recorded video footage, Alert logs, In/Out moment of day from the software. Customer words “get the real good experience with your team and efforts made for implementing project under time dead line”.