Year 2012 Nirma University, Offices, Factories & Guest House

Supply, Installation of CCTV, Passive and Active Networking parts to different sites/campus of Nirma group. given solution for the requirement of Industrial Wireless CCTV Solution, HD IP CCTV, Dedicated IP CCTV and structured networking solution and many more. read more.....

Project background & Requirement of Nirma® all Corporate, Educational, Industrial Units   

NIRMA® Company is modern with latest technology; starting as a one-product, one-man outfit from a 100 sq ft (9.3m2) room in 1969, Nirma became a very successful company within three decades. Nirma entered India fortune 500 companies listed in year-2016. The company has widest range business portfolio in different segment like Daily used products, specific industries required products, cement & chemical industries, educational facilities, and it is all under one umbrella brand – Nirma. The company’s mission to provide, “Better Product, Better Service, Better Value, and Better Living” contributed a great deal to its success.

NIRMA® has defined guidelines for Safety, Health & Environment regulation for their units. As above said there are multiple group of companies so as on regular bases we been receiving inquiries for Video surveillance, Data, Networking, Transport Surveillance, Power backup, Audio & etc. from this all two sites where customer need the very specific solution for their one of biggest educational campus and chemical plant.
The education campus; This is built-in approx. 51 hectare and for this campus required the solution for IP CCTV and Data & Networking. There is multiple blocks located in campus that all should be connecting with each other with redundancy network over fibre/copper cable, WiFi Access points, PC/Laptop & Server nodes, security surveillance for campus, room, entrance/exits, office department, ground and etc.
The Chemical plant(baroda); It is built in 2 ~ 3KM radius and requirement of campus video security at boundary (perimeter) protection, 24×7 flair monitoring, entrance/exits, weighbridge, parking lots, factory internal roads & area.
The Soda ash Manufacturing plant(Saurasthra); It is built in 4 ~ 5KM radius and requirement of video surveillance at various places like employee’s entrances, exits, material movement gates, weighbridge, tipplers, boundary (perimeter) protection, explosive areas, parking lots, Outdoor warehouse(scrapyards), Loading/Unloading bays, outdoor warehouse material movement, After proper understand from NIRMA Team, We Cyber Info team, designed and proposed the right products selection and solutions  to fulfil their needs.

Proposed Solution                                                                                                                     

Education campus (Ahmedabad); As above mentioned Customer’s requirement of Networking & Video surveillance for this campus, we had proposed networking over the fiber networks with Ring technology so customer can get full redundancy at all the time. We had given the solution for approx. new 1500 computer networking and existed computer network of approx. 2000 computer all in single network through fibre and copper cables. Till today over +500 camera was installed education campus in that has different types of resolution/product types. Few from this IP based High definition 2.0/4.0MP Fixed, Vandal Varifocal, WiFi Vandal dome with built in Storage and Speed dome proposed at strategic location to cover campus, every room has camera, event locations, block wise entrance/exit points this all distributed in blocks yet at the administrator control room have access of this camera live and recording data. As well as system designed with local storage SD/USB Storage so when network lost camera itself having the recording footage when network is up all storage automatically transfer to enterprise graded storage system it has 16HDD Hot-swappable HDDs and this storage designed with multiple level redundancy like RAID5, N+M, 4 Video Out, , Dual 1G LAN. Other facility such as third party system integration, intercom, alert system.
Chemical plant (Baroda); This is chemical industrial manufacturing units and it is located in 2 ~ 3KM radius so at some places cannot possible to have lay cables so systems solution planned over Wireless and fiber networking with Industrial graded cambium make equipment proposed which had lowest dB gain loss even on HD Video transmission and for Video surveillance IP Based Ultra low Light 0.002lux illumination supported Motorized and Long range PTZ camera which having complete threatening system by various method likewise IR Pointer Laser light throw on suspect, White flash Light to flashing light to object, and last very useful method of  Audio threatening to rider by built-in installed speaker. Moreover this camera has Wiper control, Auto tracking function. Embedded Storage system NVR with 8HDD professional series recorder having function such as dual HDMI/VGA/CBVS, Dual Network port, etc.
Soda ash plant (Saurasthra); This is daily used product industrial manufacturing units and it is located in 5 ~ 6KM radius so at some places cannot possible to have lay cables so systems solution proposed over wireless and fiber networking with Industrial graded cambium make equipment which had lowest dB gain loss even if HD Video transmission. Video surveillance IP Based 2.0MP Ultra low Light 0.002lux illumination supported Long range PTZ camera, and Motorized, Fixed camera which having built in video analysis for line crossing, perimeter protection, Real Full HD Picture Quality. Professional enterprise series network video recorders is supported multiple video outputs, dual 1G LAN Ports, two-way audio, alarm integration, hot standby N+M.

Under the strict safety requirement of Nirma group, our team had completed successfully delivered every demand and solution, every site we did individual solution as per site condition and we had successfully handover system to the administration department. From single place they will get easily access and modifies the camera function.