Year 2010 Akshardham Delhi & Gandhinagar

Installed CCTV, Fire alarm & PA system solution in temple, exhibition centre, parking lot. Without the compromising rules and regulation of Shnstha. read more....

Project background
BAPS Akshardham is a socio-spiritual Indian Hindu organization that is committed to service and motivation to peoples. It is a global network of mandirs and serving to lead augmented lives, morally, culturally and spiritually, through youth activities and educational opportunities; participating in charities, Medical facilities, anti-addiction drives and environment-awareness programs. The organization began in 1907 in a small village in India and today has expanded worldwide numbers of mandirs, hospitals, NGOs, School center and still growing Worldwide. The BAPS is plays a vital role for spreading Indian holy culture and creating unity in Society.

Requirement & Proposed Solution
Akshardham and BAPS Temples has builded globally and it is famous and valuable properties of local city. To secure this properties they decided to adopt the high definition CCTV Security Camera for every site. Akshardham venue has constructed in approx. 2 Acres land,  with amenities of parking lot, musical fountain, theaters, Vedic culture exhibition and main temple. Why required CCTV System? Because of the daily highly movement of visitor’s in this sanstha, Sanstha having requirement to record every footfall and any time can be retrieve video footage from control rooms. Apart from this as according to government guidelines it is needed to secured by the fire alarm detection system and to control the crowd and to drive visiting paths they required zone based Public address sound system. After understood properly Swami ji; we Cyber info, keep in mind of Non-Profit Sanstha had designed and offered competitive system yet compromising final outcome. We had given solution AM-EP7062P-VMR6, AM-EM2011-FMA1, AM-EM2067-FMA1, AM-S216-FHD and AM-i832-FHD in which of Fixed, Motorized and network video recorders, GST-200 Intelligent fire alarm panel & I-9102, DI-9204 and I-9403 mixed devices and public-address OD-C12, OD-W46 and 500W Amplifier based PA System

Central controlling facility for the entire system such as access, manage and control. Can be track the person from parking to every corner of exhibition at certain spaces have limited access for general public controlling made very easy. Fire System generates alert and guide to fire exit signage. Public address system covered whole center and temple it is really made easy when on weekend crowded and normal scenario it plays spiritual BGM.