Access Control System Access Card

Access Card System

We have created each of our products keeping in mind the benefit to our end client with lowest impact to global environment/ Green and Eco-Friendly. We endeavor to develop our business in a way that ensures sustainability of the environment. It is our responsibility as a company and as a citizen on this planet.

Proximity ISO Thin Card
ISO-type proximity card
It measures 0.78 mm thin (similar to a credit card)
Proximity RFID technology.
  It can be programmed in any Wiegand format
  Carry in a wallet or purse, or wear with a clip or necklace.
  Access Card, Proximity Card, Time Access Control Proximity Card


Proximity Card- Thick
Proximity RFID technology.
Carry in a wallet or purse, or wear with a clip or necklace.
  Wiegand formats.
  Compatible with all standard access systems.

Mifare 1k ISO card
Mifare Card is widely accepted as the Market-leading technology
Mifare 1K ISO proximity card is widely used in the RFID applications
  The 1KByte of EEPROM is configured into 16sectors
  One single card can be applied for multi- applications.
  Its a solution for E-ticket, payment, hotel key lock, access control, time attendance system.
  Card strips (lanyards)