P. A. System Pre Amplifier

Preamplifier - OD_Z216
9 inputs, 2 outputs
Automatic mute function for paging and announcements
Individual input gain controls with master volume control
Bass and treble tone controls
Technical Specifications :
Input: MIC 1,2,3,4: 600 ohms, 5mV, unbalanced, phone jack
  • AUX 1,2,3: 10k ohms, 200mV, unbalanced, RCA jack
  • EMC 1,2: 10k ohms, 200mV unbalanced, phone jack
Output: 600ohms, 775mV, 0 dB, RCA jack
  Pre Amplifier - OD - Z216


Preamplifier, Public Address Preamplifier, PA Pre-amplifier- OD_Z216