P. A. System Digital System

Digital PA System, Digital Public Address System, Advance Digital PA System

Advance Digital System - OD_D400
Weekly, daily, or monthly cycle options
Digital zone selector for different zone speakers

Digital Audio Matrix - OD_D401
16 inputs, 16 outputso
LCD display and for convenient operation program schedules


Programmable Timer - OD_D402
OD-D402 is a power source programmable timer which provides a LCD display and 3 menu

Audio Programmable Player - OD_D403
The OD-D403 is a digital audio solution for providing background music and spot announcement  programs in a public address system

Monitor Panel - OD_D404
Monitor upto 16 speaker channels audibly by using the built-in loudspeaker
Monitor volume control

Telephone Interface - OD_D405
Built-in monitor speaker and volume control
Automatic or manual mode optional

Emergency Panel - OD_D406
In a public address system, the OD-D406 emergency panel will produce an alarm
With the built-in 180-second digital IC, users may record their own voice

16 Zone Paging Selector - OD_D407
The OD-D407 is a versatile 16 zone paging selector that is able to select
Supports up to 4 remote paging mics

Zone Remote Paging - OD_D408
Links to additional paging mics
Balanced signal input for quality and distanttransmission up to 1000m

Power Sequencer - OD_28S
The power sequencer is used to manage a PA system’s power requirements
The power sequence can be started by the..

32-Channel Alarm Matrix - OD_19A
The connects between a facility’s fire alarm system and public address system
Fire alarm signals are inputs to the unit’s rear panel connector

16-Channel 24 VDC Supply - OD_20S
The is a 16-channel switching power supply for use in a public address system to forcefully  insert   24VDC

5-Channel Amplifier Switch - OD_21M
The monitors up to five main power amplifiers which will be switched automatically to the  spare amplifier should any..

Lightning Arrestor - OD_25L
The protects a PA system with outdoor speakers from potential damage caused by thunder

Automatic mute function for paging and announcements
Individual input gain controls withmaster volume control

Digital PA System, Digital Public Address System, Advance Digital PA System