High quality IP CCTV cameras

High quality IP CCTV camerasAre you looking for IP CCTV cameras for your office & prosperities? Do you wish to install Mobile DVR for your vehicles? IP CCTV cameras have built-in web servers to allow the users view the video recordings directly from the camera over the internet with high definition clarity. And it is high definition videos offer clear evidence when required. This system shall be monitor/control through mobile/local/remotely using a web browser.


Speed Dome PTZ cameras

Speed Dome PTZ camerasSpeed dome PTZ cameras are versatile types of cameras that can deter thefts at big stores, parking lots, boundary and businesses. This is ideal product when demand of zoom that picture and have to precise information of activities and keep an eye on the activities remotely. PTZ dome camera can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Privacy masking is an added benefit you get with this camera.

Vehicle DVR

Vehicle DVRIf you are looking for vehicle DVR or mobile DVR, you have come to the right place where you get High quality cameras to meet the diverse client requirements. With years of experience in the industry, we have supplied and installed millions of Vehicle DVR and MDVR for our customers.



IVA Cameras

IVA CamerasWith demand for the latest in market IP CCTV requirement increasing with Video Analytics based surveillance System and with AVTRON has the wide range of IVA cameras we sell is praised in the market for its unmatched quality and longer functional life. They create robust security at your premises by protecting every corner.

Our IP CCTV cameras are designed to protect your property and assets. Irrespective of the environment and lighting conditions, your property can be protected with CCTV cameras. No matter what type of CCTV camera you may be looking for, Avtron Tech can help you get the best system without digging a hole in your pocket. Being a one stop destination for IP CCTV cameras, we ensure your area is safe and secure.

IR Dome cameras

IR Dome cameras IR dome camera units can be mounted inside a transparent dome to protect the cameras from infrared radiations. Such cameras can be protected during sunny time or heavy rains also. Investing in a weatherproof camera is a wise decision if you are planning to install CCTV cameras outdoors.

Dome cameras come in different shapes and styles. IR night vision dome cameras come with advanced technologies such as pan-tilt-zoom, motion sensors, and thermal sensors. CCTV outdoor dome cameras are usually found at public places where people gather frequently. Dome security cameras are specifically designed for places where massive area is to be monitored.

Mototized Varifocal cameras

Mototized Varifocal camerasSome homeowners may need motorized varifocal zoom cameras for adjusting the camera lens remotely. One can control the cameras not only at the NVR or DVR but also via mobile apps. We ensure that our clients get the best value for the money they spend for surveillance. We sell top quality Motorized varifocal cameras to allow the users control the focus and zoom functions remotely.


Hikvision Cameras

Hikvision CamerasHikvision cameras protect your property. You can install cameras outside the property and at the entrance also. Such cameras are used to wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. Always invest in a vandal-proof camera that is not very easy to take off by intruders or burglars. Some outdoor dome surveillance cameras are similar to bullet cameras and are capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions.

As these cameras are not readily noticeable, they are considered to be a safer option by most users. There are many different models of dome cameras that are known for their artistic appearance and appeal. Choose white colored IR dome cameras that merge with the existing décor of your property.

You can also buy fixed dome cameras that do not tilt, pan, or zoom. As they have a tinted glass dome, one cannot determine in which direction they are pointed. High resolution images can be obtained with the help of dome cameras. Fixed dome cameras do not demand much storage space and this amazing feature makes them more versatile as compared to other cameras available in the market.

CP Plus cameras for enhanced security

CP Plus cameras for enhanced security If you are looking for CP Plus camera systems, you can surf the internet for the wide range of options available. You would be surprised to find that there are endless options for CCTV cameras on the internet. Whether you want to buy a camera for your home or need to install multiple cameras at your office, you should do some research and try to get the best deal.

Look for a reputed company for IP CCTV camera. Talk to a few industry experts and get advice on which cameras you should purchase. Compare multiple models and types of cameras before making the decision. Look for the latest technology while investing for CCTV cameras. Think of the long term benefits while investing in cameras.