Fire Alarm System Gas Extinguishing System

Gas Extinguishing System

We have created each of our products keeping in mind the benefit to our end client with lowest impact to global environment/ Green and Eco-Friendly. We endeavor to develop our business in a way that ensures sustainability of the environment. It is our responsibility as a company and as a citizen on this planet.

Conventional Gas Extinguishing Control Panel - GST_301
Two plus one control panel
Standalone gas extinguishing control panel
2 conventional detection zones achieve double knock control
  Conventional Gas Extinguishing Control Panel - GST-301

Addressable Gas Extinguishing Control Panel - GST_303_306
Compatible with all GST Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels
Sits directly on addressable loop
Direct intelligent control via addressable Loop
  Addressable Gas Extinguishing Control Panel - GST-303-306

Emergency Start-Abort Switch - C_9317
Emergency Start/Abort switch for gas extinguishing control
Compatible with GST301/302/304/306 gas extinguishing control panels
  Emergency Start-Abort Switch - C-9317

Gas Extinguishing Warning Indicator - C_9318
Normally installed above the entrance to a gas extinguishing control area
Will eliminate and activate internal sounder prior to gas release
  Gas Extinguishing Warning Indicator - C-9318

Interposing Relay Module - C_9329
Compatible With GST 303/306
Monitoring Cable From Gas Panel to Module
Apply Power to Solenoid Valve for Gas Release Initiation
  Interposing Relay Module - C-9329