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Data Voice Network

Network Consultancy
    As a part of expansion Cyber Info added new feather in it’s basket. Although IT Consultancy is still a rare site, the growth in customer requirements for state-of-the-art IT solutions shows a sharp increase in demand for experienced IT specialists. Its consultants have years of experience in all areas of data communications and networking technologies such as TCP/IP, NAS, Ethernet and Token Ring as well as major vendors. We provide consultants and engineers for pre and post sales project phases and provides a wide range of services to fulfil organization's needs in areas such as:
  IT strategy development / verification
  IT systems assessment
  IT organization assessment
  IT operations assessment
  IT security systems assessment
  Cost benefits analysis
  Audit program development
  Systems architecture development
    We uses the best in class products for its services.
Key Benefits:
  Get the most from networking.
  Utilize the latest designs and fast network technology.
  Employ only highly qualified professionals to meet your needs.
Professional Services
    Today's Open Systems Networking environment challenges IT Strategists, Designers and Network Managers with an abundance of choices in Standards Based Networking Technology.
Consequently analysis and troubleshooting of Internet works involves a complex variety of disciplines and tasks. 
Comprehensive analysis of your Internet work environment and IT organization could comprise of the following elements:
  Network modelling
  Network designs
  Pilot studies
  Implementation planning
  Systems failure impact analysis
  Disaster recovery planning
  Performance analysis
  Capacity planning
Key Benefits:
  Fast Lane can find ways of improving your network.
  Eliminate possible faults which slow the network.
  Regular system checks for a hassle free environment.
Managed Services
    Information Technology environments are increasingly relied upon by companies and individuals. This has meant an increase in demands and network complexity in the areas of systems availability, interoperability and network management. 
We can plan and execute the smooth installation of state-of-the-art technology into your current environment whilst maintaining or exceeding agreed service levels. 
We also provide pre-installation site surveys, equipment installation, maintenance, service agreements and customer care programs.
  ISDN Integration
  IOS Installation and tuning
  Multi-protocol integration
  CIP Installation
  Virtual LAN Design
  Quality of Service implementation
Key Benefits:
  Fast Lane can free up your overburdened network.
  Optimize available bandwidth for the tasks at hand.
Wireless network

We  make your premises WI-Fi enable by implementing latest wireless solutions.
We do Line of sight according to LOS we implement trouble free and desire solutions. Our well educate Team will deploy solutions as par organisation’s requirements.  Our expertise  is to integrate your surveillance system with existing or new Wireless network and make it available remotely.

Key Benefits:
  Reduce cost of Owner ship
  Installation made easy.