Our Services

  We offer ---
Complete service support.
Technical support.
After the installation & commissioning we provide training to the whole staff as how to operate the
Demonstration of the products.
Better relation with Parent Companies enable faster replacement of products.
We have started expanding our horizon and hence we create awareness of our products to
  corporate, electrical consultants, Architects, Builders, Hotel industry & govt. sector.
We give designing support to our Clients as we have In house Auto Cad Operators.
Analysis of basic requirement of the client and Architects for various utilities.
Discussion for the solutions as per the requirement in consultation with the Client and Architects.
Site Visit through the Tech. Engineers to the Clients premises.
Preparation of :
    Preliminary Design
Preliminary Drawings
Preliminary cost estimates (for Study and Discussion)
On approval of the preliminary Designs & preliminary drawings, the final drawings incorporating the
  comments of the client and architect shall be prepared. The sets of detailed drawings shall be
  submitted for approval together with Product specifications & detailed estimates.
Upon receipt of the approval/ comments on the detailed final drawings together with Product
  specification if required & final cost estimate shall be submitted.
Checking vendors and contractors shop/ building/ office premises drawings before authorizing
Checking of contractor's submittal of shop/ building/ office premises drawings, material and
  equipments whenever necessary.
Road supervision of the work through occasional visits to Site. Number of visits to be decided on the
  schedule of work and actual progress at site. The supervision pattern will be planned in a manner to
  ascertain that the work is executed as per standards, specifications and of highest quality and
  completed as per the Commitment to the Client.